8 iOS Games



Eight iOS games are being sold along with the developer account on iOS.

1) Loop Numbers
“Loop Numbers” offers addictive gameplay centered around endless numerical growth. Arrange and consume numbers on the field to expand and unlock upgrades, all while enjoying a soothing soundtrack and relaxed gameplay. Once you’ve experienced “Loop Numbers,” you’ll find it hard to go back to any other game.

2) My Little Ranch
“My Little Ranch” offers a captivating farm management experience, allowing players to produce and sell a variety of resources while expanding and enhancing their farm. Purchase and nurture animals like cows, sheep, and chickens, cultivate wheat on purchased plots of land, and profit by selling resources to passing cars. Accumulate funds to upgrade your farm, construct factories to access higher-value resources, and immerse yourself in the rewarding world of agricultural entrepreneurship.

3) My Oil Lands
“Welcome to My Oil Lands,” where you can establish an oil industry across various global locations. Extract oil, construct factories for gasoline, kerosene, and more to expand your business empire. Become the wealthiest oil magnate by mining oil, building your empire, and even purchasing a plane. Explore the 1940s era as you immerse yourself in the world of oil tycoons.

4) Flags and Capitals Quiz Game
New quiz game – guess flags by country name and other activities. Try this totally new trivia game now.
Easy to start – funny to go!

5) Photo Cleaner
Optimize your photo gallery swiftly with our intuitive app. Swipe left to delete, right to keep. Enjoy features like album selection, dark mode, and space-saving summaries. No more accidental deletions with our final review option. Subscribe for unlimited access and unlock advanced features.

6) AI chat made easy
AI Chat Made Easy streamlines communication by providing instant solutions to common queries. Access a vast library of pre-generated responses or craft your own questions for personalized AI-driven answers. Enjoy seamless conversations and stay informed effortlessly. Subscription removes query limits for uninterrupted use. Please note, this app is built on the ChatGPT commercial API and is not affiliated with OpenAI.

7) Candy Pins
Engage your brain in the ultimate pin-pulling challenge! Navigate through over 200 levels filled with colorful obstacles as you guide candies to the bowl. Enjoy satisfying puzzles and utilize hints for tricky situations. Unlock rewards to customize candies, pins, and bowls. With a variety of obstacles, this game promises endless fun. Ready to accept the challenge?
Rating: 4.7*

8) Jokes every day
Indulge in a daily dose of laughter with our app filled with the funniest online jokes from across the internet. Whether it’s jokes about school, family, or everyday life, we’ve got you covered with fresh and hilarious content. With categories for easy navigation and the option to favorite and share jokes, spreading joy has never been easier. Plus, laughter has scientifically proven benefits for your health, so why wait? Dive into our app and let the laughter begin!



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