Selling a game is a good possibility you might not even think about before

Let us explain why and when this could be beneficial

When is a good time to sell a game?


If the game requires too much attention and does not pay off

Maintaining and developing a game is a very laborious endeavor. It is especially difficult to do this when the game is not growing anymore, and its income constantly stagnates. It’s easier to sell the game and focus on more promising projects.


If for some reasons the game cannot be supported anymore

Abandoned games tend to fall slowly but steadily in their income. The game should be sold, the sooner the better, while it has not reached the bottom in terms of income, and the money received can be immediately directed to new and profitable projects.


If the game audience and cash flow is rising, now is the time to sell it

(before it’s fall)

A good indicator to establish a gaming product’s value is generally based on its gross last 3-month sales records which is directly proportional in the maximum price. If the game has reached a record profit, then this is a signal that at the current stage it can be sold for the maximum price.

About — Appwill Сompany

We develop mobile games and help other studios and
developers to sell their games

We cooperate with game publishers all around the world, from The USA to Pakistan.
We have a wide network of contacts, and we know who is looking to purchase a
game of a particular genre for a specific budget. This knowledge helps us to be
perfect in sales:

Publishers are
purchasing games to
achieve different
goals. If you think that
your project is not in
range, the publisher
may have enough
experience and
expertise in a
particular sphere to
buy your game.

Selling a game is a great way to free up money and team resource


the game and focus on
a promising project

Free up

budgets and direct them
to new developments


a few years income from
the game up front

Stages of the deal

Average deal cycle — 30 days

Negotiating the

Appwill receives
100% of the payment from the buyer

Transfering game
from seller’s to
buyer’s account

The seller receives the remaining 50% of the deal amount.

Transfering source code and keystore with a passwords. Buyer acknowledges receipt of the data.

The buyer confirms receipt of the game and the seller receives 50% of the deal amount.