Game mechanics

Glad to welcome everyone once again! Today we continue our advice-related topic. Imagine you have a great idea, but what exactly defines the main thing – without which it will simply be just a typical book, or just a regular movie? Today we will discuss the thing that makes the videogame at large – the […]

Game Lore

Hello everyone once again! We decided to make the tips as a small standalone topic. So far, we have already told about our mistakes, gave advice on what to pay attention first of all, etc. It is time to take a closer looks at the elements of the game. Why is it important? This will […]

Advice from AppWill – Idea

Hello dear readers! Today I will once again touch the ideas generation topic, which we have already discussed on our YouTube channel, but I want to talk about it in more detail now. Just wanted to say from the very beginning – do remember, as in any other field, there are no instructions on how […]