Five Nights



Five Nights

You’re the new security guard on the night shift at an office, but you quickly realize something’s off when you find out you’re not alone. Ex-employee Gigachad and his various personalities are haunting the place. Your mission: survive the night and prevent them from taking over. Use surveillance cameras to keep an eye on them and stay one step ahead.

Cube Away

Cube Away is a runner & action arcade game. Travel the zigzag road, collect diamonds to upgrade the square to a car! Do not leave the road, there is a magical barrier around the edges set by the God of geometry himself. Rumor has it that those who touch this barrier will never be able to sit straight again🤫

Five Nights At Cringe

You are the new guard in the lab! But you can’t even imagine how unlucky you are, a lot of experimental experiments are after you!

Your hero gets a job as a security guard in the laboratory, but he does not even suspect what awaits him ahead. The work shift starts at night and immediately you feel that strange things are happening, because scientists here are conducting various terrible experiments. Do your best to survive and not let them capture you. The laboratory consists of several rooms, each of which has a surveillance camera. Switch between them and watch the movements of these creatures.



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